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Painter, France /Austria /Slovakia

Destiny that flows between the Danube and the Seine passing by the ocean, in meeting olive trees , smells, lights and shadows, signs, traces, goddesses of the Stone Age, roads, bridges, bodies, colors, night openings and the birth of the day, the poetry of the real.

Oliviers, Acrylique, Pastel, Téchnique mixte/collage, Nami


She was raised in Bratislava, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia at the time);
thanks to her father’s profession, she had contact with modern art and artists from across the globe.
Brusque and involuntary transfer to Vienna, Austria in 1968
following the occupation of the country by troops of the Warsaw Pact.
Voluntary transfer to Paris later.
She studied „arts plastiques“, psychomotricity, psychology, and art therapy in Paris.
Work and exhibitions since 1984, primarily in Paris and Vienna, but also in Greece, Germany, and Slovakia.
Last exhibitions:
In the words of Ingrid Karlo, Austrian poet, « The paintings of Kristina Viera Wolf are of movement, colored movement, tender rotations of color, spirals, contrary movement against terrestrial gravity, a cosmic danse, pulsation, forms that bloom.
The reality of rhythm of jubilant song ,because of this movement isn’t of pain but the wings of Eros… and desire that goes beyond. »